About Us

Canel Mining is one of the leading beige marble producers with a large variety of its own quarries.

Our main products are Crema Barla , Emperador, Bursa Sugar Beige(Light), Bursa Beige, Scabos Travertine, Caressi Nero which have been already introduced to the international market with success.
Our products are marble blocks, cut-to-sizes, slabs for flooring and cladding, marble tiles, stairs, risers, windows sills, kitchen tops.

Canel is the unique company of Turkey, built the factory in the quarry in order to maximize the productivity. Our marbles are used for large floor areas typically in the hotels, warehouses and shopping complexes etc. All require a hard wearing surface resistant to high volume of human traffic and machinery.

Our company is aware that natural stones reflect the properties and the beauties of its origin country therefore visualises the past and the future as a composition while carrying out the quality and reliability of own products from Turkey to the Globe.

Developed countries economic power comes mainly from effective utilization of natural resources. Marble is being used in constructions and artwork for centruies as a sign of civilization and taste. Alpine region has the richest natural stone reserves in the world. Thus Turkey located in alpine region has rich marble mines.

Marble mining has 3.000.000 tons of blocks per year production and 13.000.000m2 slabs per year production capacity. Turkey, with a wide variety (almost 400) of marble color and texture has a great marketing chance. Its assumed Turkey has 30% of worlds marble reserves Turkey natural stone industry's growing rate for last 15 years is 13.8 % ( twice the world's growing rate in this industry) Turkey's marble reserves are 5.16 billion cubic meters. 

589 million cubic meters of this reserves are visible, 4.572 million cubic meters are possible reserves.

Turkey's visible marble, sandstone , traverten and onix reserves are 7.578.607 cubic meters. With these rich natural resources and production options Turkey marble industry is a profitable short and long term invesment. with more technological and trade exchanges, importance of Turkey Marble industry will increase in near future.